12 tips for a trip

Safety: Before taking off try to get to know the motorbike very well. Test out your safety gear before you leave – the last thing you want to do is worry about mechanical failure while you enjoy your motorcycle trip. There’s nothing worse than finding in the middle of the road that the spanner you took doesn’t fit because there’s a strange angle and now you’re stuck improvising a throttle.
Learn the basics of repairing the bike in case of small breakages, or to replace a faulty part. Look on the internet and find the most common breakdowns and take parts with you (and the tools to replace these parts as mentioned before). Take simple extras: bulbs and a little box full of screws, wire, tape, cables etc.
Try to get a lot of information about the route that you plan to take before you start out. Get all the maps you can on your GPS unit and take a paper road map as backup for areas with lesser connectivity. Make sure you have power options on the bike so your engine could recharge it. Don’t forget chargers!
Bring backup ID, cash, etc. and store them in your bags or somewhere secure off your body.
Health: It is advisable to get accustomed to physical work. Some exercise a couple of months before the tour is highly recommended.
Get good waterproof motorbike pants and jacket that could be converted from warm to cold weather.
Get an appropriate helmet and wear earplugs in order to protect your hearing. Even behind a helmet there’s enough decibels to damage your hearing in the long run. Wear earplugs inside the helmet.
Get some good water proof off-road bike boots. Kidney strap is essential. Remember: your bike clothes are your travel clothes. Don’t let the unpredictable weather spoil your exciting motorcycle trip!
Get a waterproof luggage option for the specific bike, that you could easily get into and out of the bike. 45-50L bag must be enough to carry clothes.
First Aid kit: Purchase the common medicines that you feel you might need on your motorcycle trip, plus some bandages and antiseptics.
Get a camera, a good notebook and a pen. Write daily. Take photos. Draw. This will be a ride of a lifetime. If not for yourself, someone else will later enjoy this greatly.
And, lastly, remember, motorcycling is not about starting in one point and reaching another one. It’s about everything in between those point. Stop a lot and enjoy the magic of the moment.
Have a great motorcycle trip!