Mini Status

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I am dusty …… I have used about 1 kg. of plaster into the front and bonnet of the car and polished most of it away to get the look that I want. I am so close, I have used filler to get a better look of where the small scratches are and at the moment the car is standing with the last small plaster spots drying up.


The engine is ready, all renovated (pile of new parts), the gearbox and clutch as well, it is being stored under a blanket since I am assembling the front back on. I decided to go for no bumpers look and fitting a new grill in the process. That means a lot of plastering and filler and polishing and ……….. to get it to look nice.

I am expecting more parts from eBay, and I hope they will arrive before Christmas.


I managed to get the engine out with everything (exhaust and sub frame) without damaging anything….. good job.
So I started cutting and welding into all the problems I could find in the font area. Next is to take the engine and clean it up and since I’m at it I may as well clean the carbs at the same time.


Today I have a small hangover but I will survive since I will be spending the day in my newly isolated garage.

The engine is going out today, with sub frame and everything along with it. I have cut the grill and the front by the lower line since that will be replaced (rust).