My toy’s


I have a problem, I always need to have a lot of toys around me, motorcycles, cars boats and everything that uses an engine.

Current status:

  • Harley Davidson Heritage Softail 1993
  • Nissan Navara D40 2006 (Standard) (sold)
  • Classic Rover Mini Mayfair 998 1989 (Biggest cool factor EVER) (sold)
  • Yamaha FJR 1300 2008ABS (Best tourer I have had) (sold)
  • Kawasaki GpZ900r 1986 (TopGun bike) (project)
  • Harley Davidson Heritage Nostalgia 1988 (I just have to have one or two)
  • Harley Davidson Hardtail (needs to be put together)
  • Chinese pocked bike 50cc (Nida’s ride)
  • Boat of an unknown brand 14 foot (Small side project) (sold)

There are always new things coming in and going out. It depends of rather I clean my garage or not.